Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam


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E-Careers is accredited by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC)
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Prove complete mastery of Six Sigma process improvement methodologies with the Six Sigma Black Belt exam set by IASSC and administered by us. Intended specifically for business and manufacturing process improvement managers who have already completed the Six Sigma training and/or projects that use Six Sigma techniques, the exam is best suited to:

  • Experienced process managers who need a qualification that demonstrate their expertise in the Six Sigma methodology.
  • Process managers and operations managers who need to cross-train or upskill to process improvement using Six Sigma techniques.
  • Process managers who will be responsible for deploying and managing Six Sigma projects within their firm.
  • Process improvement consultants who need to be able to demonstrate a high level of expertise to clients.
  • Professionals looking to re-skill or change career for a role in managing process improvement projects.

In order to pass the examination candidates will need to have completed advanced Six Sigma study and be fully familiar with the principles outlined in the IASSC Universally Accepted Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge for Black Belts document.


The Six Sigma Black Belt exam consists of 150 questions set over the course of four hours by a proctor. Students will have their knowledge of the Six Sigma business process methodologies tested to ensure that they fully understand all aspects of the improvement lifecycle and how Six Sigma techniques are applied to build a continuous improvement program, or used on a project-by-project basis.

Candidates are tested on each major section of the IASSC Universally Accepted Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge for Black Belts document, with 30 multiple choice questions on each. In this way process managers undertaking the exam will need to have a complete understanding of applying and managing the Six Sigma methodology at Black Belt level.


After successfully scoring at least 580 points out of the available 750, candidates will get instant confirmation of their professional designation of IASSC Certified Black Belt (ICBB). Armed with the IASSC Certified Black Belt designation, process managers will:

  • Be able to better manage process improvement projects within their organisation.
  • Raise standards across their company by applying proven Six Sigma principles to their projects.
  • Be able to provide expert-level process improvement consultancy services to third party firms.
  • Have laid the groundwork for the Six Sigma Master Black Belt or Champion designation, the highest available process improvement accreditation.

Professionals achieving the ICBB designation will immediately improve their project performance, opening new opportunities for internal promotion. Six Sigma Black Belts will also find they have more opportunities to work in process improvement at other organisations. The IASSC Six Sigma Black Belt examination administered by us is an essential step towards realising these new opportunities.


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