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Outbound Sales


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When done effectively, outbound sales is one of the keys to successful business. This course teaches the full range of skills involved, delving into the psychology involved in a sales call, the nuances of tone and inflection of the voice, building desire and closing the deal. Six modules take learners on a journey that will build skills, confidence and experience – making you a sought-after professional in a wide range of business sectors. The modules are:

  • The psychology of persuasion
  • The opening
  • How to say it
  • Building buying desire
  • Presenting your recommendations
  • Dealing with customer reluctance and gaining commitment.


Module 1 – Psychology of persuasion

The understanding of customer psychology is key to outbound sales, and this module provides a grounding in the skills, attitudes and techniques that are needed to be successful. Upon completion of this module, learners will know:

  • How to define differences between inbound and outbound calls
  • The importance of dialogue in successful outbound calling
  • The importance of building trust in an outbound call
  • The essential differences between outbound business-to-consumer and outbound business-to-business calls.

Module 2 – The opening

The opening of an outbound sales conversation is all-important in reaching an important conclusion. This module will ensure you have mastered the following:

  • How to avoid the “double hello” phenomenon at the outset of a call
  • The importance of the first 20 seconds of the call
  • The three required elements of an effective opening
  • How to construct the opening of your calls for those types of calls you are placing
  • How to construct a two-step opening for business-to-business calls
  • When to leave a voice mail message.

Module 3 – How to say it

The third section of the course looks at the six key variables that determine the quality of the customer’s response to your voice. The phone call might be the first impression the client gets of you and your business, so the way you speak to them will have a decisive effect on how they rate your customer service and their future with your business.

After this module, you will know how and when to apply six principal variables to your speech patterns for a positive effect on customers. These are:

  • Volume
  • Pace
  • Inflection
  • Pitch
  • Pause
  • Word Emphasis.

Module 4 – Building buying desire

Creating desire for a company’s products or services is a major step in closing the sale and generating profit. This module teaches how to bridge from the opening into the ‘need’ phase of an outbound call. You’ll become skilled in:

  • Getting the customer actively involved in the conversation through effective questioning
  • Identifying the customer’s need through questioning
  • Amplifying that need once it is recognised
  • Knowing when to summarise the need and bridge into your presentation
  • Knowing which bridging statement to use if the customer’s resistance starts to increase during the questioning phase of the call

Module 5 – Presenting your recommendations

This part of an outbound sales call requires both skill and confidence in making the right offer to the customer, at the right time. You’ll learn how to:

  • Articulate the principal features and related benefits of your products/services
  • How to present a recommendation that specifically addresses the need that the customer has expressed to you
  • When it is appropriate to give a presentation before learning the customer’s needs
  • How to use check closes throughout your presentation to stay on track and keep the customer involved in the conversation.

Module 6 – Dealing with customer reluctance and gaining commitment

Your increasing skill as an outbound sales agent will mean you can overcome reluctance in a customer, and maintain a good relationship. Gaining commitment leads to sales – the ultimate aim of every call. This module teaches:

  • How to recognise the customer’s signals of resistance, curiosity, hesitancy, or eagerness to purchase
  • How to respond appropriately to the customer’s expression of each
  • How to use two techniques for gaining and confirming the customer’s commitment concluding the call in a way that reassures buyers of the wisdom of their decision and that leaves non-buyers receptive towards the next call they may receive.


  • With no prior knowledge of outbound sales, this course enables you to gain the specialist skills and techniques to become an asset to any company.
  • The modules take you through the entire customer journey, from the opening twenty seconds to closing the sale, employing psychology and voice techniques to optimise your presentation.
  • An outbound sales agent is an important ambassador for a company; this course teaches you how to make the very best impression.
  • Ultimately, the skills you learn in this course will enable you to boost a company’s bottom line. This makes you a valuable asset, highly employable in many fields of business.


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