Teaching Assistant Essentials (EC112574)

Teaching Assistant Essentials (EC112574)




Give children the best start possible, by becoming a key provider in their early educational journey – an indispensable teaching assistant. Any parent, child and teacher will agree that the role of the teaching assistant is an essential one, and with this exciting package of courses, you can gain the relevant knowledge and expertise you need to further your journey to becoming a qualified TA.

One Package, Five Courses

By signing up to this comprehensive course today, you will be able to access content that covers six separate, in-depth courses which, together, make up the essential skill base that is required to fulfill the role of a teaching assistant. The online course delivery ensures you can take as much time as you need to work through the courses, which include Level 3 Child Development, Introduction to Safeguarding, Effective Supervision in the Early Years, Health & Safety in the Workplace and Partnership with Parents.

A Fundamental Part of a Child’s Life

Being a TA is more than just a job – it’s a rewarding vocation. Every child deserves a chance to learn and thrive in a school setting, and with the help of a teaching assistant, a class teacher can provide the best learning environment, twinned with the best support and guidance, possible. Sign up today and you’ll one step closer to making a positive difference in your school setting.


This course package has been put together to help budding teaching assistants gain the skills and knowledge they need to further their career path. Therefore, it would be best suited to keyworkers and early years’ practitioners who work in a school setting and would like to progress further – or to individuals who aspire to work with children as a teaching assistant.

  • Gain up-to-date information on the current curriculum and what is expected of you as a TA. Learn how to plan and deliver the curricular expectations in a fun and engaging way.
  • Understand the importance of a TA with regards to the class teacher, and how your team player qualities can be put to good use.
  • Learn more about various aspects of child development and appreciate the five outcomes outlined by the Every Child Matters document. Take a look at some of the various child development theories that have been conceived.
  • Recognise some of the basic issues relating to safeguarding, how to promote it and what you can do as a TA to help protect children in your care.
  • Appreciate the need for supervision in any early years setting, and how it can help towards professional and personal development.
  • Get to grips with some of the core concepts relating to health and safety in the workplace, including security procedures, responsibilities, risk assessment, first aid and incident reporting.
  • Understand the importance of building a strong partnership with parents and caregivers, and how home and school life can be intertwined.


  • Study online at times that are convenient to you – there are no deadlines and no pressure; just sign in to the courseware as and when you please!
  • Courseware is accessible 24/7, and is compatible with a variety of devices, so you can work whenever, and wherever, you need to.
  • Courses are valid for 12 months, so there’s no rush!
  • Use a variety of resources, such as quiz sheets, clickable links, downloadable content and multiple choice tests, to help learn and retain the information.
  • Improve your job prospects with a CV that reflects your drive and determination to learn and progress.
  • Boost your confidence by gaining valuable know-how in fundamental aspects of the TA role.
  • Course completion certificate once you have completed all the training.
  • Cache endorsed Certification is available upon completion of all courses within the package, certification fee is included.

Help every child unlock their true potential, by unlocking yours! Sign up and begin your journey to becoming a qualified Teaching Assistant today!



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