Working at Height Awareness

Working at Height Awareness




Gain a better awareness and understanding of the risks and hazards presented by working at height in this practical and insightful introductory course. Discover why it is so important to be able to identify and manage the potential risks that working at height presents, and learn how you can actively contribute towards creating a safer working environment for employers and employees alike.

There are a number of professions that require employees to work at height for prolonged periods of time such as construction. Many people make the mistake of thinking that unless they work in this or a similar industry then taking a course in working at height safety awareness simply isn’t necessary. In fact, it is relevant and applicable for anyone who works at any height that may result in accident or personal injury.

It’s important to remember that a person doesn’t have to be working at a great height for there to be a potential risk of accident or injury. In fact, even working at a relatively low height can present risks and even a minor fall can cause injury. Landing awkwardly from even a low height can result in nasty bruises or even worse a broken limb. There’s also the associated risk that such a fall, however minor, could aggravate a pre-existing medical condition. When we take all this into consideration, it’s easy to see why Managing at Height Awareness is a relevant and sensible training option for a great many employees working across a broad range of different industries.

Key Learning Points

Take your career to the next level by enrolling on this engaging introductory-level training course, designed to increase awareness of how to reduce and manage the risks associated with working at height. This course is ideally suited to:

  • Those whose professions require them to work at height and wish to increase their awareness of health and safety regulations, and learn how to manage the risks associated with working at height.
  • Managers and/or supervisors who are responsible for a team of employees who are required to work at height.

Key focus areas of this course include:

  • Gain awareness of the relevant health and safety procedures as applicable to working at height, and understand working at height regulations.
  • Learn to recognise the potential risks and hazards associated with working at height.
  • Increase your awareness of the risk assessment process and learn how it should be properly applied when using access equipment such as ladders or mechanised lifts.
  • Understand the importance of proper planning and recognise the need to implement the appropriate preventative and precautionary measures.
  • Learn to identify and select the correct type of safety equipment and access equipment when planning a project that requires employees to work at height.
  • Recognise why it is so essential to regularly inspect access equipment and ensure that all equipment is properly maintained.
  • Understand the need for accurate record keeping.
  • Gain an appreciation and understanding of the fact that working at height safely is not solely a concern for those working in the construction industry – this training course is useful for anyone who works at any height where there is a potential for accident or injury.
  • Understand the law and its implications in relation to the risks and hazards associated with working at height.

Advantages of this course

  • Gain theoretical and practical knowledge in this introductory entry-level awareness course that can be applied both in the workplace and in a domestic setting.
  • Hosted on our Learning Management System, which is designed to provide an intuitive and succinct user experience.
  • Allows access to a whole range of interactive and innovating digital learning features
  • Adapt the course to complement any learning style, and to fit even the most hectic of schedules.
  • Ability to learn anywhere, at any time and on any device including PC, tablet and mobile phone.
  • Complete this introductory entry-level awareness course and receive an course completion certificate.


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