• Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that originated in India. It focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to help boost your physical and mental wellbeing through physical, mental, and spiritual practices. Yoga classes are now very common in leisure centres, gyms, health clubs, schools and health services. It has been found to be beneficial for blood pressure, heart disease, aches, pains, tightness, depression and stress. Yoga is currently listed on the Intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.
  • Yoga has recently become a phenomenon in the Western world after being a mainstay in ancient India for thousands of years. It is recognised today as a key part of many people’s exercise regimes and not just an eccentric physical art. This course will help you to build your foundations in yoga by teaching you Asana, which is the basis of postures, and Pranayama which will teach you the breathing exercises and controlling your breath which are both fundamental parts of any yoga practice.
  • Yoga is a practice that originated in ancient India and is a holistic solution through structured, theoretical and practical components to balance the mind, body and spirit. Yoga can have different benefits to different people including lessening chronic pains, increasing flexibility and increasing muscle strength and tone.
  • The American Psychological Association reports that woman are more likely than men to report that their stress levels are on the rise, also being much more likely than men to report the physical and emotional symptoms of stress. Sources of stress differ, from money, the economy and work to irritability, pre-menstrual tension and relationships. Women are under stress until they find a way to express the truth and the meaning they understand. This course will help you to understand sources of stress in women and how you can provide therapeutic counselling for women of all age groups who are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. Consisting of 10 lessons this course is facilitated in a manner which will allow you to consult women on their stress levels and offer guidance.
  • Become thinner and healthier – without going on a diet Are you at that time in your life that you want to do something about your weight but keep re-living the old habits of eating excessively and not doing enough exercise? Well, contrary to what you may think, weight loss can actually be simple - not easy, but simple. That’s because, thanks to NLP, the whole process can be much more straightforward than you’d imagine. Forget faddy diets. By treating the reasons why you give in to your addiction rather than trying to offer you alternatives to it, NLP gives you the tools you need so that you can control your thoughts and feelings whenever a craving appears. Which means that, with nothing more than good old-fashioned brain power, you’ll also have the tools you need to control those cravings too, straight away.

    Make a positive change in your life and discover lasting ways to shed those extra pounds. People decide to lose weight for a multitude of different reasons. For many, improved health is one of the best motivators for lifestyle change, and that is what this class will focus on: the health benefits of weight loss, exercise, improved nutrition, calorie intake and supplements. If you are interested in pursuing nutrition as a profession, this course could benefit your career advancement.
  • Tarot is a system of divination, using a specific set of cards (Tarot cards), while Cartomancy is a more generic term meaning any divination method using cards, whether special ones designed for divination (be they Tarot cards or any other sort) or just playing cards.
  • Give up smoking – finally and forever If you’ve ever really wanted to give up smoking but just can’t stop yourself reaching for those cigarettes. Or you’ve tried everything from patches and gum to sheer will power – all without success – then NLP could be just the thing you’re looking for. Whilst other so-called ‘cures’ only treat the physical side of the addiction, NLP treats the reasons why. It does this by giving you the tools you need so that you can control your thoughts and feelings whenever a craving appears. Which means you’ll also have the tools you need to control those cravings too, straight away – with nothing more than good old-fashioned brain power.
  • If you’ve ever really wanted to give up smoking but just can’t stop yourself reaching for those cigarettes. Or you’ve tried everything from patches and gum to sheer will power – all without success – then NLP could be just the thing you’re looking for.Embark on a new fitness regime with this motivational aerobic boot camp course. A growing trend in fitness boot camps has emerged over the last few years, based on the military style of training.
  • If you are looking for a well- recognised and rewarding career in the ever-expanding health and fitness industry, then this programme will present you with complete job satisfaction and financial fulfilment. Become an elite professional therapist and help sports and exercise fanatics achieve, maintain or elevate their fitness levels and acquire specialised skills to be able to offer them support with rehabilitation techniques to overcome minor injuries.
  • Whether you are a bodybuilder, a professional athlete or simply exercising to improve your health, sports nutrition plays a key role in gaining maximum benefit from your physical activity. Making better decisions with your nutrition and hydration can result in improved performance, recovery and injury prevention. If you take part in regular exercise and are looking to gain sound advice and specialist knowledge in this area, then this course is for you.
  • If you are looking to embark on a long-standing, sought-after career within the fitness industry, then take the first step to a successful career with this highly regarded qualification. As a sports therapist, you will work with sport and exercise participants to help prevent, recognise, manage and treat injuries, should they occur, and then rehabilitate the participant back to full fitness.
  • Getting injured is a constant threat in any sport you play, and if they aren’t managed properly, these injuries can become a recurring problem, stopping you from playing and enjoying the sport you love. Injury prevention is key to having full enjoyment and prosperity out of sport, it will ensure that you can achieve your maximum potential in any sport you play, and in your personal life outside of sport where injuries can take a massive toll on your body and wellbeing.
  • Take charge of your Health & wellbeing and give someone else a therapeutic experience too….. Awaken the body to support and strengthen the its’ natural ability to heal and balance itself with the valuable knowledge and techniques from this course. A programme that will teach you ways to reduce stress and tension, relieve pain and help to beat the negative traits of anxiety and depression.
  • Remedial massage is the practice of manipulating muscle and soft tissue in the body to regain balance within the tissues. This will improve the range of motion, reduce stress and ease pain to provide a cure for long term or short term discomfort. Massage therapy dates back thousands of years to ancient cultures who believed in the medical benefits of muscle manipulation, with the first records of such events found in China and Egypt in 2700 B.C.
  • Relationships are an important part of life because we all need that sense of belonging. As humans, we are bound by relationships with family, but we also crave other social connections. People cannot live in isolation, although some may choose to live that way temporarily.
  • Regression therapy is an approach to treatment that focuses on resolving a person’s present mental and emotional well-being through recollecting significant past events that are believed to be interfering. It is usually put into practice when people seek treatment for phobias, depression, intimacy issues and other concerns. It’s believed that through revisiting and reliving the early experiences that influenced the development of the issue, that the person can overcome whatever it is that’s holding them back.
  • Learn about the human mind and behaviour scientifically, and explore the richness of human functions, uncovering the brain’s secrets, and revealing its complexities. Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions. It is specifically interested in how behaviour is affected in certain contexts. It also seeks to understand and explain emotional, mental characteristics and attitudes in a person or within a group.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to a traumatic event in their life. It is usually linked to soldiers who return from warfare, but may also include sexual assault, traffic collisions, or another threat on a person’s life or if someone came close to death. Cognitive symptoms include disturbing thoughts, feelings, and dreams related to the events.
  • Pilates is a physical exercise created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the 1920’s. It is an exercise system, which promotes core strength, stamina, flexibility, focus and a sense of wellbeing when practiced regularly. Pilates is one of the top fitness trends in the world and has steadily grown in popularity over the past 50+ years. Due to its effectiveness and staying power, it is no longer just a trend. Pilates is here to stay. Which is good news for you since you have chosen to dive into this career path.
  • If you are aiming to develop your coaching skills and provide your health and fitness clients with one-to-one services, then you are in the right place! The role of every personal trainer is to provide a comprehensive service by measuring clients’ fitness levels, designing tailored regimes and constantly inspire and motivate their clients. You must inspire your client with your expertise as a nutrition advisor, lifestyle consultant and fitness instructor and this Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma covers it all.

    Meditation is a broad term to describe a practice which helps to calm your mind, body and spirit to make you more focused. The techniques in meditation promote relaxation, building internal energy or life force and develop compassion, and a range of other emotions or states of mind like generosity or forgiveness.
  • For generations, families have used and relied on traditional herbal medicine for the treatment of various ailments. Recent study and research has now recognised this as scientifically correct. For a more balanced approach to living, it may pay to call upon herbal remedies for self-limiting conditions. Study this course and give your family the benefit and experience of complementary treatments, instead of potent drugs from GP’s and consultants which all come packed with a long list of side effects.
  • Supplement your knowledge with our Master Herbalist (Phytotherapy) Diploma and discover the benefits and uses of botanical products for cooking, health, beauty and nutrition.