• Treat yourself and give someone else an experience, which promotes a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sense of harmony, with the use of essential oils and massage. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety and welcome a well-balanced mind, body and spirit. Sign up for this course, which will teach you ways to improve the general state of health and well-being. Gain essential skills and techniques about this entirely relaxing, comforting, reassuring and healing therapy, which uses the essences from plants to help alleviate and cure many ailments.
  • Learn to look and feel amazing from the comfort of your own home with this fantastic course. We and Danielle Collins, the international celebrity yoga training expert, have teamed up to create this exclusive course which makes exercise fun, simple to do and easy to fit into your busy life.
  • You’re here because you’re curious about your innate intuitive abilities, right? If you have a want for greater awareness of how the Art of Prediction is beneficial to create a more fulfilling life for yourself and others, then this course is for you. The intuition’s most important role is that it alerts us to the path, people, and circumstances that we will uniquely find fulfilling. Clairvoyants use their own intuition, which is something we all possess. Unfortunately only a few know how to use it wisely.
  • A good night’s sleep allows you to be more energetic and productive during waking hours and makes you feel calmer and more in control. Getting the right amount of quality sleep is also important for your health. Harvard Medical School identified six ways in which a lack of sleep can be damaging to your overall health and wellbeing including inhibiting learning and memory, slowing down your metabolism and leading to weight gain, impacting on your mood, increasing stress hormones and affecting your cardiovascular health and lowering your immune response. Learn the art of deep healing sleep from Jill Roberts, Master Hypnotist, CBT counsellor and writer. This course will help you prepare for a restful sleep at night by helping you to relax and rid yourself of the worries that build up during the day.
  • Support a loved one or indeed anyone who is caring for somebody suffering with Dementia! Caring for an individual with symptoms of dementia is challenging. It's even harder if you don't fully understand the condition. People living with dementia suffer a severe decline in mental ability such as short-term memory and concentration, communication language and impaired critical and thinking skills and so they need high levels of care to help them cope with their everyday lives.
  • Take your first step to help someone beat depression, because your support and encouragement can play an important role in his or her recovery! This comprehensive course will provide you with specialist knowledge to help you recognise the signs of depression, as well as strong management techniques to help individuals overcome this disorder. Depression is one of the most upsetting and most common disorders of the moment. You can learn step-by-step techniques that will help create strategies for helping a family member, friend or a client.
  • Diet and nutrition are a massive talking point in society with everyone now being obsessed with what is going into their body. The media, both traditional and social media, have become a constant source of scrutiny for people’s health and wellbeing, with hints and tips for healthy eating habits being put everywhere, and fitness fanatics coming out of the woodwork on every available platform. This course is aimed at giving you clear, concise, straight forward diet and nutrition advice. You will also be able to educate others on health and wellbeing through diet and nutrition to give your friends and family a healthier outlook on life.