At FTW Training, we’re always looking for ways to help people get the skills and qualifications they need to make a difference in the workplace or get into meaningful employment. One of these courses is a back to back conversion training where you complete a course, say on a counterbalance forklift truck, and then soon after do an extra course to allow you also work with an additional forklift, most commonly a reach truck.

Conversion training is common in the forklift truck sector and employers need to make sure that their operatives have the appropriate skills in place. The two main reasons for conversion training are when a different forklift truck has to be operated or the size and weight of the vehicle changes dramatically, additional skills need to be learned in order to operate that machinery safely and to ensure that the company is meeting their legal requirements and ensuring the operator is insured to drive the machine in question.

There are a lot of benefits to organising back to back training, whether you are an employer or you simply want to extend your own skills:

You’re Still in ‘Learning’ Mode

One of the things that we find benefits many of our clients undertaking forklift truck training is that they are still receptive to learning. This means it’s easier to pick up the skills they need because they are in the right mode. Rather than having to relearn stuff or go over it again, they’re already primed and ready.

For businesses that use a range of forklift trucks on site, the benefits of conversion training means they can increase the capability of their operators to cover any eventuality.

It’s Less Expensive

Due to the numerous examining bodies understanding that operators who have just completed a licence will be in ‘learning mode’ it means that the minimum required hours to achieve the additional licence is reduced from a standard conversion course. Therefore it can certainly be less expensive to undertake back to back conversion training, especially if you have a large number of employees and want to update their skills at the same time. Extra training can only benefit staff who use forklift trucks and that can also save your business money because you always have someone on site who is appropriately qualified.

You Learn to Work More Than One Forklift Truck

Being able to operate more than one forklift truck is important if you want to improve your job prospects as an individual. While you could simply wait until the opportunity arises to (for example, to operate a bigger and more complicated counterbalance truck) before updating your skills, having taken the training and being certificated already means no significant delay.

Improve Job Prospects

In today’s competitive work environment, it’s important to have a wide range of skills that employers are looking for. Back to back conversion training makes sense in building your experience as a forklift truck operator. For employers, it also makes operators feel valued and may even build a greater sense of loyalty to the business.

Having staff on board who are trained to operate more than one type of vehicle has obvious benefits. It not only ensures competency but also health and safety in the workplace.

FTW Training have offices in Widnes and Skelmersdale, we offer a wide range of different forklift training courses that are all RTITB accredited. Whether you are training from a novice or want to take advantage of back to back training courses, contact our team today to find out more.