Counterbalance Forklift Training

Novice, experienced and refresher RTITB-certified training courses for counterbalance forklift trucks.

Counterbalance forklift trucks are used in a variety of different settings including warehouses, distribution centres, construction sites and in retail outlets. Making sure operators have the appropriate RTITB certification is critical for ensuring safety and maintaining standards within the industry.


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    Who is it for?

    We offer RTITB-approved counterbalance forklift training to both individuals and companies across the UK, including:

    • Novices:
      A forklift training certificate widens your job potential in many industries. If you are a complete novice, our 5-day course gives you the skills and knowledge to safely operate a counterbalance forklift truck in any industry. It’s a qualification that is accepted across the UK.
    • Experienced operators:
      Even qualified forklift truck drivers need to update their skills once in a while. In addition, if you are looking to convert from one type of forklift to another, our one- and two-day courses are ideal.
    • Refresher Trainings:
      If you’ve not operated a forklift for a while and now need to use it in your current position, our short refresher courses will get you up to speed in next to no time.

    Our courses run from about 5 days for novice training to 1 or 2 days for refresher and conversion courses. The courses can be held at our state-of-the-art facilities in the Northwest or we can come out to your business and train your staff on-site. Our training fully complies with the code of practice set out in the HSE guidelines for rider-operated lift trucks.

    What Does Counterbalance Forklift Training Involve?

    The training is delivered through both practical and theoretical activities covering the safe operation of counterbalance forklift trucks in a variety of settings. That includes teaching classes delivered by our expert team, DVD presentations and practical training all backed up by RTITB-approved and certified assessments.

    Typical training for counterbalance forklifts for a novice will cover:

    • We begin with an introduction to the course and what will be covered during the 5 days as well as looking at the counterbalance forklift in more detail including issues like daily maintenance checks.
    • Next, we’ll look at the inspections you need to carry out and important areas such as takeover maintenance, care of different types of trucks (electric, LPG and diesel), and familiarising yourself with the controls and instruments.
    • Next, we’ll move into the operation of the forklift truck including basic manoeuvres such as operating hydraulic controls and stacking at various heights along with loading and unloading procedures. We’ll also look at the common questions that are asked about counterbalance forklift trucks and their operation.
    • We then move on to the legal and regulatory obligations underpinning forklift truck operation including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998), Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 and Health and Safety Executive 117.
    • We’ll look at factors that affect the stability when lifting weights with a counterbalance forklift and how to carry out a weight assessment.
    • Finally, the course finishes with a practical and theoretical assessment. You need to pass this to receive your counterbalance forklift truck certificate and licence.

    Successful candidates receive a certificate and an accredited RT
    ITB ID card with their qualification printed on the back which is valid for the next three years.
    Our RTITB counterbalance forklift training courses are run at our sites in Widnes and Skelmersdale in the Northwest. We also provide training at individual business premises around the UK. Contact our team for more details.

    FAQs for Counterbalance Forklift Training

    I’m a complete beginner, is this counterbalance course suitable?

    Yes, this is designed for novices who have never operated a counterbalance forklift truck before. We also have courses to update experienced operators as well as refresher courses.

    Do I need any equipment for the course?

    No, it’s all provided for you whether we’re delivering the course at our facilities or in the workplace.

    Where can I use this qualification?

    The RTITB-accredited counterbalance forklift certificate is widely accepted by all industries across the UK. It’s essentially the gold standard.

    How fit do I need to be to take the course?

    Ideally, you should be reasonably physically fit because you are operating a forklift truck.

    Can you tailor RTITB forklift training for my business?

    Yes, we can create a flexible training solution that meets your needs and can be delivered in-house at your business by our expert team.