Skills Bootcamp in Green Energy:
Warehouse & Manufacturing

We deliver a 2-week Skill Bootcamp course to help learners gain a better understanding of environmental sustainability, the importance ofNet Zero and how to reduce carbon emissions within the warehouse sector.

Learners will also gain a forklift truck licence and develop skills on how to operate and carry out maintenance on an electric forklift truck. The course will cover performing preventative maintenance activities on a forklift truck, carrying out inspections and completing theory as well as practical tests.

At FTW we are passionate about creating a change in attitude towards the Net Zero agenda within the sector and supporting companies with staff who understand how to work towards becoming carbon neutral.

What will you learn whilst on programme?

Week 1

• Importance of Net Zero & decarbonisation
• Waste management
• Environmental sustainability
• Electrification vs carbon emitting FLT’s
• Health & Safety within a warehouse environment
• CV update, interview skills and job application support

Week 1 will be to raise awareness about electric vehicles and the benefits they provide. Tailored around a warehouseenvironment but with a broader overview of the Governments pledge to decarbonise all sectors of the UK economy tomeet the Net Zero target by 2050.

As part of this week learners will update CVs, have support with applying for work and interview preparation skills.

Week 2

• Electric Forklift Truck (E-FLT) training
• Maintenance of an E-FLT (battery preparation and charging)
• Driver training and test preparation
• Licence acquisition
• Re-test (if needed)

Week 2 is the practical element of the programme, taking the knowledge and foundations of the need for electric vehicles, learners will learn how to operate and maintain the trucks.

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