Training as a forklift driver can open up numerous well-paid opportunities in a range of different sectors. They are in high demand in areas such as ports, warehouses, storage yards, construction sites and factories.

Employers are always looking for highly qualified drivers who meet the regulatory standards, so getting the right set of qualifications is important whatever type of vehicle you want to operate.

Of course, health and safety is important and being able to operate machinery like this in a responsible manner is one of the first things that employers will be checking on. For businesses who want to train up staff for working with forklifts, whether they are novices or looking to convert from other kinds of transport, this is also a vital factor to bear in mind.

That’s where a qualification that is RTITB accredited FLT ticket comes in.

What is RTITB Accreditation?

RTITB stands for Road Transport Industry Training Board and is a cross-sector, world-wide organisation that has been responsible for improving standards over the last four to five decades. A certificate from RTITB basically says that you have the qualification to operate a forklift counterbalance safely in the work environment.

The accreditation is given to training organisations that meet the health and safety standards set out by the RTITB. In the UK, this is a nationally recognised qualification accepted by all industries and sectors.

Why You Need a Forklift Ticket

Before you can think about working in this area, you need to have a professional qualification that is accredited by the RTITB. That gives you the right to work as a forklift operator.

The counterbalance lift truck training provides you with a number of useful skills, including:

  • Understanding and being able to use the fork lift controls.
  • Being competent in operating the fork lift, moving it and steering it safely in an enclosed environment such as a warehouse.
  • Operating the hydraulic mechanism and handling vehicle loading and unloading.

Training includes being able to stack and unstack products while being aware of the forklift stability as well as knowledge of safety protocols.

How Long Does It Take?

The training for a complete novice should take 32.5 hours. If you are more experienced with other forklifts, your training is obviously going to take place over a shorter period. You will also need to undertake a refresher course every 3 years which takes six and a half hours.

The Benefits for Training for Businesses

Making sure that all your staff are well-trained is important, especially in environments where forklift trucks are used regularly. Investing in extra training not only diversifies your workforce but shows that you are interested in their development and will undoubtedly improve productivity.

At FTW Training we offer a wide range of different forklift truck training opportunities with RTITB accreditation.

Whether you are currently a forklift truck operator or a complete novice or a business that wants to develop its workforce better, check out all our different training courses online today.

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