If you are currently unemployed and looking at your options, you may like to consider forklift training. We deliver these courses to learners across Liverpool, Lancashire and Manchester. Many businesses are desperate to find qualified drivers who can work in a variety of different settings.

The good news is there are funding options available for those who are currently claiming benefits or are on a low income. That means you could get your forklift licence for free. It’s an exciting area to work in and one where no two days are the same.

The Benefits of FTW Training

You need to have the appropriate training to operate a forklift truck in the workplace and this means getting certification. The good news is that there is a shortage of skilled workers in this area which means that getting your licence could open up a whole wealth of job opportunities in different industries.

Forklift training not only teaches you to drive the vehicle but to be aware of the safety issues involved. When working, you will often be transporting heavy loads to different parts of a building and it’s very important that you comply with the latest regulations.

A forklift truck licence can be a useful addition to your qualifications, whatever line of work you are used to or focused on. If you are currently out of work, it presents a wide range of options and you’ll be surprised how many places locally are looking for qualified drivers. A licence is also useful if you want to travel and need a skill that gets you a job wherever you go.

What Jobs Are Available?

Forklift trucks are used in more businesses and industries than many people think. We most often think of them in warehouses where they are used to move pallets from A to B. You’ll find them in manufacturing plants where they are used to transport materials to different sections. They are used in the construction industry, on docks and in logistics companies. You’ll find them in power plants and factories as well as at airports and shopping precincts. 

As a forklift truck driver, you may need to learn to use different types of vehicles and handle a variety of loads, even hazardous materials.

Most industries are crying out for qualified forklift truck drivers and the average salary is just over £20,000. A more experienced operator can earn up to £30,000 in some industries.

Where Can I Find Forklift Training?

At FTW Training we provide certification courses on all types of forklift. Operating out of  Liverpool we can help you access funding for our training if you are currently unemployed or on a low income.

The training is provided by a friendly and highly experienced team who have all worked on forklifts in the past. Our courses run over a couple of days and are RTITB accredited. You end up with a qualification that is accepted not only across the UK but through Europe and many parts of the rest of the world as well.

If you are thinking about training to improve your employment chances, booking one of our training courses will give you a qualification that opens more job opportunities and can quickly boost your career prospects.

Contact us today to find out more.