Liverpool is a hive of commercial activity, most of it hidden away from the city centre and its streets of modern shops and stores. There are warehouses, construction businesses, industrial complexes and logistics company operating in and around Merseyside and the North West, employing hundreds of thousands of people.

What do all these business have in common? They use forklift trucks on a regular basis.

Forklift Training for Liverpool Businesses

Any company that uses forklift trucks need qualified people to operate them. Ensuring staff are properly trained is vital and ensures any business stays on the right side of health and safety laws. At FTW Training, we provide forklift truck training across the whole of Liverpool and the North West.

We help train forklift truck drivers from scratch and give them an accredited certificate when they pass. In addition, we provide updates and refresher training courses for existing staff. If you have drivers that you want to train up on a particular type of forklift truck, we can also help.

We deliver training on:

  • Counterbalance forklift trucks.
  • Reach trucks.
  • Pivot steer FLTs.
  • Telescopic trucks.
  • Multi-directional FLTs.

The training can be carried out at our own site in Widnes, which is just a 5-minute ride from Liverpool John Lennon Airport, or we can come to you and set up the course on your commercial premises. Our training team is talented, experienced and fully qualified. At the end, your staff will gain a RTITB accredited qualification which means they are fully trained to drive a particular forklift truck.

Improve Your Employment Chances

You don’t have to be a company if you want to get involved with forklift truck training either. If you live in the Liverpool area and are looking for a qualification that will improve your employment opportunities, we run courses for individuals as well. Again, that can be training up from a complete novice or updating or widening your skills if you already have a licence.

Our courses generally comprise of two parts. The first is the practical side which ensures you develop all the right skills to be able to operate the forklift truck confidently and safely. The other is making sure you are up to speed on the theory and legal side of things. It’s not just about driving, when it comes to FLTs, of course, you also need to learn how to load and unload safely and be aware of what is happening in the surrounding area while you are working.

Our instructors are previous forklift truck operators and many hail from the Liverpool local area too. You’ll get friendly and down-to-earth teachers who know how to get the best out of people as well as state-of-the-art facilities. Our aim is to provide you with the flexible learning opportunity whether the training is taking place at your Liverpool business or at our own facility in Widnes.

Contact us today if you are a business considering training for its staff or an individual looking to improve their career prospects.