Being made redundant from your job can be devastating especially if you have worked hard for a company for many years.  According to the Department of National Statistics in 2013 13,628 people were made redundant. Most of these workers were male and employed in the manufacturing industry and all received redundancy payouts from their company. Redundancies occur when a business closes or, due to lack of business, staff numbers need to be reduced. During this time people can feel stressed and worry how their lives will move forward.

In some instances the company need only give you one week’s notice, this is according to increasing to 12 weeks notice if you have worked for the company for 12 years or more and must be at least the basic rate of the individuals pay.

You find yourself out of work with, hopefully, some funds behind you but what do you do? How do you move forward creating a more secure financial future for you and your family.  The first thought could be apply for new positions which can be frustrating. According to reports that 5.8% of the population 16 and over are unemployed in the UK which results in total 1.9 million workers.

Here at FTW training we can offer an alternative why not retrain to become a forklift truck driver. Taking this first step and gaining your licence can lead to a more secure financial future for you and your family.  In as little as 5 days you can become a sought after employee and ready to expand your job prospects. Gaining this valuable licence can lead to job opportunities which are available all around the UK. If you are interested in moving forward and investing in your future contact us at FTW Training.

Based in Widnes, Cheshire only a short distance away from Liverpool and Warrington were there seems to be an almost constant demand for qualified forklift drivers due to the significant increase in warehouses and distribution centres in the area.

We can take people who have absolutely no experience in using a forklift truck and have them ready for paid work in just 5 days in a sector that has a large number of vacancies.  We can qualify individuals on counterbalance, reach, BENDI (Pivot Steer) telescopic trucks and more.  If you would like to gain an RTITB accredited FLT licence get in touch for more information.