Businesses that have warehousing and storage often need reach forklift trucks as they are manoeuvrable in confined spaces such as storage aisles. Before you can operate a forklift truck you are required to have a certificate of training or licence. This shows that the operator has attended a training course to a national standard, such as the RTITB.

Reach trucks help to maintain storage areas where goods are stored on pallets that can be stacked on high shelving. This vehicle is designed to retrieve and stack loaded pallets that aren’t being used or needed at that particular time.

The basic reach truck has an outrigging mechanism at the front of the vehicle. This outrigging has a set of telescoping forks that can move up and down. This vehicle also has a hydraulic setup that permits the driver to reposition and load over the outriggers. These mechanisms make the vehicle easy to manoeuvre and provides balance for the load.

Training to become a reach driver can enhance your employability or could make you a more valid employee. At present the Indeed website has 1,033 reach truck driver positions so getting this licence is a bonus to anyone working or those who would like to work in the warehousing and storage sector. It is good to know that once trained there are plenty of positions permanent both full and part time available.

At FTW Training we can offer you training courses that will include:

1. Pre-use checks

2. Operators’ safety code

3. Health and Safety at Work Act

4. Stability factors

5. Recharging or refuelling your vehicle

6. Stacking – different levels

7. Manoeuvring in space and large spaces

8. Stacking and de-stacking full and empty pallets

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