The need for professional forklift truck training is evident when industrial statistics report that one worker in the UK is killed every six weeks as a result of an accident.

Forklift trucks are important in the workplace and very useful pieces of equipment but they are dangerous in the hands of an untrained or poorly trained driver. Accidents not only occur in industry but in DIY stores, garden centres and warehouses where not only drivers have been injured but members of the public. For the employer or business owner this can lead to forklift truck personal injury claims so finding the correct and professional training firm for training and refresher courses is essential.

Common accidents occur due to forklift trucks being operated on unsuitable surfaces, too close to drains, overloading, crushing a member of staff or member of the public, forklift truck collisions and being driven too fast and carelessly.

In the UK it is Law that all operators or drivers need to undergo formal training. Many of the accidents that happen occurs due to no training or poor training by unqualified staff which emphasises the need for your training provider to be professional, qualified and experts in their field.

The Fork Lift Truck Association in the UK advises employers to provide drivers with some form of certification detailing any training undertaken. Using FTW Training you can be assured that any training your staff receive will be to the highest standard and provided by staff who are experienced and enthusiastic. Training by professionals can reduce accidents in your work place reducing the chances of industrial claims from staff and members of the public.

2014 saw the start of a national forklift truck safety week in order to raise awareness of the dangers of using a forklift truck. The theme for this year’s meeting was there is a killer in your warehouse. This title sends a powerful message to emphasise just how important it is to be aware of the dangers when operating a forklift truck and the need for training.

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