Obtaining the correct Health & Safety (H&S) training for your employees has been shown to prevent workplace accidents. The Health and Safety Executive reported that in 2013/14 there were 133 fatal accidents in the workplace.  The North West was one of the highest in the Country with 15 industrial fatal accidents.  These figures do not include 70 members of the public who died through an accident in a workplace. Having your employees trained could prevent accidents keeping your staff and visitors safe from illness and injury.

H&S Training can reduce a company’s insurance premiums, lead to increased productivity, less absenteeism and save on legal costs.  Insurance premiums will reduce if no claims are made, highlighting that the company is vigilant when it comes to their employees’ safety in the workplace.  In turn this could ensure that the company gains a positive reputation within the community. When employees feel safe they communicate a positive view of the company creating competition for any vacancies that arise in the business.

Training a company’s managers in H&S can ensure that they will do regular checks on staff. They can then highlight any problems and once identified the appropriate action can be taken.  This course of action can prevent future problems for example fewer cases of work related illness or accidents and can result in reduced claims on the firm.  Companies who are shown to have been negligent and do not protect their employees or members of the public can be held responsible and fined.  Health and Safety training from a company such as FTW Training will give your company the benefit of our experience and professionalism reducing claims and accidents.

FTW Training provides H&S Training courses that are completed quickly and efficiently instilling in your staff an effective workplace safety ethos.  We can offer Health & Safety courses on a variety of topics and at both Level 1 & Level 2.  Our Health & Safety courses can be delivered at our premises in Widnes, Cheshire, a 2 minute drive from Liverpool, or we can send our trainer to your premises.  We can deliver off site training right across the North West and in many cases nationwide.  We are now also able to offer distance learning Health & Safety training courses meaning that the course can be completed at your own pace without the need for taking time off from work.

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